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Pepper Place Farmer’s Market

Pepper Place Farmers Market in Birmingham Alabama

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There’s something about Farmer’s Markets. I’m not sure what it is. It’s on the tip of my tongue. Maybe it’s the bright colors, the interesting characters rummaging around, the stunningly fresh produce. Or maybe it’s just the homey feel of the whole thing. It’s a salt of the earth gathering– a glimpse back into the agriculturally driven lives of generations past in a day when farmers, especially great ones, are growing few and far between. Whatever the case, it’s a humbling experience.

Friday, I awoke into the glorious splendor that could only be a snow day. If you’re anything like me, upon hearing the words snow day, childhood images rush to mind of awaking to a dreadful day of school only to find out that you actually don’t have to go?! Hallelujah! There must be something to this life after all! Turns out that’s exactly how it feels – except now, ten years later,  it feels even better.

Saturday, with the ground still lightly covered with snow, Brittany and I had the opportunity to meet my mom at the Pepper Place Farmer’s Market in the heart of downtown Birmingham. i hope you can imagine our disappointment as we realized there wasn’t a whole lot there. Granted, it is mid-February so I’m really just glad it was there at all. We did meet a nice man at the market from a neighboring town who was selling a bit of that stunningly fresh produce I was raving about earlier.


Word’s fail to describe what it’s like to taste something incredibly fresh after continuously eating sweet potatoes, onions, butternut squash, and collard greens from the grocery store for the past four months.

Cherry tomatoes and butter lettuce

Winter vegetables are great – really, they are—but they still can’t compete with the deliciousness that spring and summer have to offer. Take strawberries – nothing can beat a perfectly ripe strawberry. Sprinkled with sugar and a bit of balsamic or pomegranate vinegar and they’re a delight worthy of the God’s. Throw them next to a homemade angel food cake with some fresh whipped cream and mint and you’ve eclipsed the best that humanity has to offer. And don’t even get me started on peaches or tomatoes.

Farm Eggs

Anyways, we weren’t able to get much, but what we did pick up was great. Our take away included some of those farm eggs above you see above, a bin of cherry tomatoes, and a bag full of the sweet, crisp, and altogether new-to-me Mache lettuce. Best of all, I couldn’t help but leave with an excited anticipation that spring is coming.

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1 Mom { 03.09.10 at 8:59 pm }

I had so much fun.. It was a perfect day! The weather, the company, the food, the coffee even!

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